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Forging Medival Arrowheads



Umfassende Beschreibung

With Mark Stretton, Master Arrowsmith

The medieval bodkin, deadly when used in conjunction with the English Warbow, was not a rough article quickly hammered out but a well engineered arrow head. Master Arrowsmtih and world record holding longbowman Mark Stretton guides you through the forging process to produce the Type 10 bodkin head.

Filmed in wide screen this film starts with an introduction to the tools and shows you a simple forge set up and how to use it. Mark then guides you through the formation of the arrow head from making the initial spoon, rolling the socket through to drawing out the point. The second part of the film shows how the same arrow head can be made using a simplified set up for the novice using easily obtainable oxy-acetaline equipment. The final part of the DVD investigates the mistakes you make and more importantly how to correct them.

English language, Multi Region Format disc, running time of 90 minutes.




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